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How to grind coffee beans at home

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

A good cup of coffee is made up of good quality beans, properly ground, and brewed with love. Once you have the beans, it is important to grind them right. Many electric or hand-held coffee grinders are easily available in the market.

Electric and Hand-held coffee bean grinders. Burr grinders and comparison with blade grinders

"How can I grind coffee without a coffee grinder?", you may ask. It is possible (and easy). Because we grew up finding ‘JUGAAD’ to do things smartly; we also believe in paving our own ways when we can't see one. Here are some alternative ways we suggest.

Alternate ways to grind coffee beans at home using mixer grinders and mortar pestles.

A word of caution though! When you use alternate methods, please be sure that your mixer/mortar pestle is thoroughly clean so that your coffee doesn't end up tasting like chutney, haldi, etc. If you are soooo keen to spice up your coffee, we'll give you the recipes ;)

Want to learn how to brew a perfect cup of coffee? Checkout this app.

Here is a quick video by James Hoffman to achieve a uniform consistent grind.


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