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Once upon a time…

It all started from coffee. We are Roma & Dhavnish, partners not only in business but also in life. When you meet a stranger, you have your doubts, but if something clicks, you know you are on the right path. We had an arranged meeting to decide if we were ready to spend our hopeless romantic lives together. We sat with instant coffee in our hands, firing questions and listening to each other. We agreed it was for life on the same day - realising later what ‘instant’ meant. It is all dreamy and fast in the first few months, but growth actually comes when we understand that slow-living, honest conversations, groundedness, and trust are just as important. There are also days when we are bored, slogging and surviving, we burn out, we part ways with inspiration, we part ways with ourselves. We try to find the spark. 


We spent most of our time together in London. It blessed us with instagrammable cafes and tasty coffees from local independent roasters. What clicked with us was a special corner in our neighbourhood where we spent hours reading books in the company of aromatic coffee. That is where we could be ourselves, we slowed down, we felt comfort, calm and a sense of belonging. So to say, we felt the importance of having ‘A Room of One’s Own’. We discussed our books and made up absurd stories of our own. We wrote poetry and read to each other. This is where our imagination ran wild. This is where we came up with the idea of JDButi Coffee, with questionable scribbling and drawings on paper napkins. With JDButi, we not only intend to bring coffee to you, but the experience that we’ve had. We hope to spread the hope, joy and inspiration that we found nestled in stories while sipping coffee.

About The brand

JDButi Yellow Logo

The word ‘jadibuti’ literally means a herb. Some of their attributes such as aroma, flavours and medicinal properties make them integral part of many cultures and stories. WE are a generation amidst a major cultural shift. Sailing through the present, building a legacy, and creating new stories need inspiration. JDButi appreciates the subtle magic of “coffee” that stimulates, inspires, comforts and connects.  We hope to add flavours to YOUR process of decoction, and awaken the spirit of child-like curiosity to give you the space to  “Espress Yourself”.


What we love:

Sipping Coffee

Sharing Stories

Sipping Coffee while sharing stories

Sharing stories about sipping coffee

Sharing coffee while sipping stories

In short, everything about Coffee & Stories.

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